Somehow, Someway, Someday

Short little something. Not really sure what it's about, really.

I can tell you almost everything about him. He loves baseball and football, both in equal amounts.

He's going to college on scholarship, riding the wave, just going where the wind blows him. He's most interested in English literacy, just because I said it was my major.

He says he loves his home, his country, but he'd gladly travel the world with me.

He's played football since 7th grade, and baseball since he was in kindergarten. His favorite teacher was a teacher in highschool.

His mother and father love him both, though they may both not be there for him all the time.

He loves the world, he loves God and Jesus, and he loves me.

The only things I cannot tell you, however, is what his voice sounds like, how his skin feels, what he looks like, and his name.

I haven't met him. Not yet. 

But I hope I will, someday, and someday soon. I'm  not sure of where we'll meet, or under what circumstances, but I am sure that somewhere, someway, and someday, our paths will cross.

As for this moment, I will sit and wait, waiting to learn his name, to  hear his voice, and touch his hands.

Until that time, though, he will remain nameless and faceless. I may love others until we meet, but I hope that when we do meet, I'll know it's him. I hope that I'll know that somehow, someway, that someday has come.

The End

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