Someday, Sophie

Girl of about five walks in, an older woman trailing her. They are holding hands.

Sophie (the young girl): Did you see the monkeys, Mommy? They were funny with their bananas!

She giggles as a bright smile graces her face.

Antonia (the mother): Yes, sweets, I saw the monkeys, and the lion, and the elephant.

Sophie: The elephants were my FAVORITE! Someday, I want to ride one on it's back.

Antonia: I promise, someday, I'll bring you someplace where you can ride any animal's back if you want.

A look of hope washes over Antonia's face.

Antonia: Yes, someday...I promise.

Sophie: Mommy?

Antonia: Hmm?

Sophie: How come I don't live in the same house you live in?

Antonia: Well, [she hugs her daughter] it's very complicated. But it's impossible right now.

Sophie: But Mrs. Jones told me nothing was impossible.

Sophie looks at her mother, confused.

Antonia: Yes, honey, that's true, but some things just won't work out right now.

Sophie: Oh, [her eyes fall to the floor in disappointment] okay

Antonia: Someday we'll live toge --

Antoher woman enters, ready to take Sophie back to her foster home.

Woman: Sophie, it's time to say goodbye.

Sophie: [reluctantly turning to bid her mother goodbye] Bye, Mommy.

Antonia: Bye, Sophie. I'll see you soon. 'Kay?

Sophie: Okay! And maybe next time, you can bring me to that place with all the animals again!

Antonia: The zoo? Sure, we'll go to the zoo again.

Sophie: Bye-bye.

She waves to her mother. Antonia waves back as a wave of shame washes over her as her daughter walks away.

The End

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