Solteria race profiles: Kelmadiir

Race profile for the Kelmadiir


    Bi-pedal humanoid, dominant feline features, fur covered, five fingered hands, retractable claws on both hands and feet, humanoid arms, feline legs, feet are paws, males and females are the same general height and weight, major sexually defining feature: males have tufts of fur above the eyes and on the top of their ears.

                Kelmada- 6’6-7’0; broad shouldered and heavily muscled. Brute force tactics designed for bringing down large game in sparse forest settings. Thick skin from taking heavy hits for large game.

                The Kelmada, also referred to as “Sa’mae’da”, loosely translated as “savages of the open forest”, are strong, proud Kelmadiir. The open forests they call home are full of the largest plant eating animals in their world, providing them with an abundance of food and materials needed to craft their weapons and clothes. These same trees also house their world’s largest predators, providing them with an abundance of danger as well.

                Maldeer- 5’6-6’0; nimble, leanly muscled, and acrobatic. Quick, precise strikes to vital organs incapacitate and kill targets and end fights quickly. Nimble enough to avoid incoming strikes.

                The Maldeer, also called “Sier Moqu” (derogatory slang) or tree rats, are small nimble Kelmadiir that make their homes in the canopy of the dense jungles hundreds of feet above the forest floor. The Kelmada and Diira look down on them for their small stature and sneaky tactics. Their cuisine incorporates  the meat and eggs from the canopy creatures they hunt as well as the nuts, leaves, and fruits of the trees. They have devised many techniques for determining whether any new plants they may find are edible or not. Their thigh altitude housing is connected with bridges constructed of vines and large pieces of bark foraged from the massive trees.

                Diira- 6’0-6’6; medium build, very intelligent, excellent engineers. Ranged weapons combined with innate magic brings down enemies before they can strike. Their engineering and innate magic help them craft sharper, longer lasting weapons.

                The Diira, also called “Colkee Chida” (derogatory slang) loosely translated as grease monkey, are very intelligent and mechanically inclined. Their mechanical advancements allowed them to build their homes larger and sturdier. The defense of their homes has also been drastically improved by their mechanical advancements. Their main form of hunting is setting traps and snares, which has earned them the disdain of the Kelmada. They’re fierce warriors, using their magic and exceptional engineering abilities to decimate anything that dares to threaten them.

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