Slice of Life collaboration.

The sun crawled above the distant mountain range, its heavenly rays enveloping the valley that lay before it. Emerging from its nightly slumber, the golden orb bled the lavender from the sky, and washed anew a soft amber sea. Below, the river sauntered in lethargy. It took inspiration from the cloudless heavens the colors of the dawn, and painted the cliff walls in iridescent hues.

Atop a towering plateau, a young man sat, gazing at the snaking river. The only noises he produced were the rhythmic hums of his breathing, which were only to be swallowed by the sound of the water over the red stone. There was a blanket of stillness that engulfed not only the valley, but the moment in itself. The young man was at home.

He was still in his night trousers, and he wore no shirt to conceal his sun-colored skin from the dry air. His father would not wake up for at least an hour, which would give him the necessary time for the trek back to town.

The End

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