so this is just me writing things that belong in a blog but i don't want to put them in a blog.

I'm kinda ranting, kinda updating, mostly just writing out the stupidity that comes to mind.


I’ve been gone for a really long time. Oops.


Swing was never meant to have more than one chapter. I think I forgot to mention that.


Uhhhh.  I was going to start posting some one-two shot stories, but they’re all horribly clichéd and depressing because I wrote them all during a really rough time in my life.


I’m so pumped for this summer.  I’ve got a story idea in the works, but I want to personally check out the location I’m basing the story in.  That’s happening this summer.  It’s going to be completely different from anything I’ve ever written in the history of forever.  I’m pretty excited.


Completely random, but I feel like sharing.  I wish I had a cat or a dog, right now.  I used to have a cat.  My feet are cold.  I would love for a warm, furry animal to lie on my feet and warm them up.


There was this kind of collab story I had growing up with my closest friends—and by growing up, I mean literally, we roleplayed our characters from kindergarten to grade five and wrote out scenarios from grade six to grade eight—and I think I want to share it with you all.  We used to call it School Rival.  I think we just didn’t know what rival meant but thought it sounded cool.  It stuck.


I'm going to stop rambling now and update my fictionpress to link to my protagonize.



The End

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