so strong.

Sometimes I don't understand how she can be so strong, shes made a presentation "think bike" it called, I don't know how she can stand there and talk so easily about that morning when sometimes i can't even look at her without breaking down in side.

I sit here at my laptop screen the whole time my heart aches for her but finaly i  read it that line its like its been sat there waiting for me the very last line followed by his beautiful picture "Thanks to 'THINK BIKE' and various other charities fewer little kid will have to wake up to news that will change there lives forever" its such a simple line and to most people it probably means nothing but for me its enough to create a fully blown attack.

I see it ingrained in my eyelids the image that i know i will be able to get rid off, her face so life less, she had lost the most special thing in the world and she didn't even cry not once, What she did behind closed doors nobody knows, but i know this shes the strongest person i have ever met.

I hate to remember the times we were alone, i was fighting my own internal battle, i had just lost my uncle and yet at the age of just 11 i was having to play the adult and be there for this 8 year old girl whos life had just been flipped upside down. i remember as clear as yesterday the time she told me to stop asking her if she was alright "i know why everone keeps asking me that its because my dad died last night but please stop because i'm fine".

by now tears are streaming down my face i don't know why i feel this mental torture every time that she does things that remind me of what shes been through all i know is each time i love her a little more than the last.

5 years on and we all still love you so much Stephen Mann

The End

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