So. You Want to Be an Introvert?

So.  You Want to Be an Introvert?

Quiet.  Quiet as a mouse.  That’s all it takes, right?
Quiet is just a facade.  Silence is the domain introverts bask in.
We require the absence of sound.

But that is just the beginning.  
At the behest of your own desire for silence, you find everyone you meet to be obnoxious. 
You can’t stand obnoxious people.  
Not even in your own family.

They are always so demanding.  
“Work in teams”, they say, and all of the sudden you begin to cringe.
You hate working in teams.  You work alone.  You are the lone wolf.
The stupidity.  You can smell it, like the foul stench of brimstone.
You escape inside yourself.

That’s not even the worst part, no, not by far.

You analyze.  Endless analyzation.
Did she look at me today?  Does she like me?
He saw me!  I’m sure of it.  Should I go talk to him?

Your mind invents every imaginable situation.  Every possible outcome.
But you don’t know which one is right.

She replied with only one word.  She doesn’t like me.
If she liked me, she would reply in a more drawn out, playful manner.
Or maybe she wouldn’t, since she is rather serious in nature.
Perhaps she is just tired, and really does like me.
Or maybe I am annoying her with my banter.

It’s a guessing game.  
You analyze people to the point where you’re not even sure who they are.
And, even worse, you begin to analyze yourself to an even greater extent.

Why am I sad today?  There is no reason for it.
I feel pointless, am I on the right path?
Am I doing what I love in life?
I am, so why do I feel this way?  Why am I empty?
Maybe this isn’t what I love after all.

Pretty bad, no?  It gets worse.

The worst case of heartbreak imaginable.
You experience the pain tenfold compared to the average person.
When in pain, you desperately look for a cure. 
You analyze.
You fight wars you’re not sure even exist inside yourself.
Grisly, bloody, and tiresome.

And in the silence, all of it comes back to you.
The mistakes, the words, the emotions.
You analyze what you did wrong, what someone else did wrong.
What you said, what someone else said.
All the noise in the world cannot compare to the cacophony in your mind.
And the war rages on.

Introverts.  We are all about finding solutions.
To ourselves.
We may not say it, but if you have compromised our path in any way,
We despise you.

So. You want to be an introvert?

The End

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