Year 10 (Part Two)Mature

I continued to work at spar, and spent most days convincing Molly to come to the shop with me. I wasted so much money buying her sweets and crisps. But I wanted to keep her in my sight as much as I could. She got bored of hearing my speeches and I grew horribly aware that I wasn't going to be able to stop her doing something dumb.

I'm going to off-topic to my old friend Sally. She was my best friend in Swanton Morley. While giving my room a clear out I found my old address book where I had put peoples names. I called Jane but she couldn't talk, about to go out with her friends. I didn't bother trying with her to be honest, though I added her on MSN. I called Sally as well and she was ecstatic to hear from me. We got in touch and spent hours talking on MSN. She had completely changed.

Sally had taken the goth route mega seriously and some of the friends she introduced me to on MSN made me very uncomfortable. Nothing like logging onto MSN Saturday morning to have Sally's male friend ask my opinions about sex. I was a big prude, but I guess that's to be expected. I introduced her to Carl # 2 and she developed a crush instantly. We hadn't been together in a year and half so when she asked I said go for it.

I didn't think it's affect our plans to meet up. She's always wanted to come to Cambridge to see what the city was like. She cancelled our plans to meet up at the train station last minute. I found out the next day from Carl # 2 that she'd met up with him instead. It bugged me, but I didn't want to seem like a whiny, clingy friend so I let it go.

I managed to convince my mum to drive me back to Swanton Morley for a day and let Sally know in advance. But when I knocked on her door she wasn't there. She was at a sleepover, with a girl who used to bully me no less. I knocked on the door and the bully answered. Sally came to the door, stunned to see me. She sent me away, not willing to leave her friends and hang out with me.

It hurt. I thought she'd want to hang out with me and catch up more than people she can see everyday. After that I stopped bothering to talk to her. I also got back in contact with Tom, he'd changed as well and I didn't know what to talk to him about. Liam got back in contact with me, randomly adding me on facebook. We talked and we mostly got on okay. But we'd still gone different ways. He'd become the biggest chav in the world, it was laughable.

So it was year 10, and the sweet sixteen parties started. Everyone was invited, even outcast me. Though pretty much everyone left me alone now. I still brought a box a chocolates to every party for the birthday person and a card. They were always surprised by this. I just shrugged and would stand awkwardly with Amy, no clue what to do. It's not like any of the guys were interested in dancing with me. A new girl moved into the barracks as well, her name was Penny. She was extremely girly, but leaning towards the gothy side. I loved her style and we made friends. She wasted a lot of time dressing me up and trying to convince me to wear make-up.

The first time I got drunk was at a girls named Jess's sixteenth birthday party. She'd had a bikers and mod's themed thing. Penny helped me with my costume and did my make-up after ignoring my many protests. I noticed the difference instantly. Carl # 2 who had mostly been ignoring me acted a lot different now that I had make-up on. Which is funny considering how hard he tried to get away from conventions.

Admittedly, we may have gotten back together. But I was a lightweight. And it turned out I'm the sort of drunk girl that hangs herself over a guy if she likes him. Whatever interest Carl # 2 had disappeared when I became the clingy one. The Saturday morning I was late into work and expected my boss to have a go at me. He just grinned, knowing I'd gotten drunk the night before. The following Monday Carl # 2 told me quite bluntly how annoyed I had been. I decided not to drink again after that. Though somehow that whole party me and Greg had been great friends.

The End

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