Year 9 (Part Two)Mature

I guess you're waiting to hear how Ella changed everything? Despite not getting on she was always invited round my house with Amy, afterall she was her best friend. She loved my mother, who would do her usual thing of telling any and all embarrassing stories about me to my friends. She even went as far as to insult me before my friends. I'm sure she never intended it that way, but it hurt. And was the main basis for our shaky relationship nowadays.

I should probably also mention that me and my friends regularly joked about my brother. Rhoan was completely convinced he was gay. We never said it to him, but I knew he overheard our conversations. At the time I was an idiot girl not realising how mean the words were. Later on I'd really regret and feel bad. Me and my brother get on, but our relationship will never be close. I have a feeling this is the main reason why.

So remember Harry and Carl #2? I spent this year switching between them now. I was terrible, I know. But eventually I stopped and grew closer to Nick. It was with a lot of random pushing from Poppy that we went out. It was only a few weeks and then we went back to be being friends by mutual agreement.

Anyway, I went off-track. Ella had backed off a fair amount by the time summer came along. One day I was complaining about my parents and she snapped at me.

“You love your parents. They're amazing.” she said. I stopped speaking and realised she was right. As much as they annoyed the hell out of me, ignored me and what had happened. I did love them. I wish I could say I learned about her past through some deep heart to heart. But it was all through Amy. I won't divulge the details, but safe to say her life had never been easy.

Even though she'd never tell me what happened to her I told her what happened to me, I also told Amy that year. I don't know why I suddenly decided to tell people. I guess I was sick of hiding it. Ella reaction was to shrug.

“Shit happens.” was her attitude to most things. Though she didn't bother me after that. Amy didn't know what to say. But my own issue would seem pretty significant soon. Amy's parents went through a divorce.

She stayed with her mother because she wouldn't have money to get by without the added benefit of Amy. But she really wanted to be with her father. Her old house was sold, the one she'd lived in her whole life. They managed to get a home in a nearby town so she didn't have to move schools. But it till upset her so much, she didn't want to move house. I struggled to understand her stress. She got to stay in the same school, keep all her friends, why was she sad? I would've killed for that sort of chance. I suppose it make sense that a move scare for us turned up shortly after.

Luckily it was close to the end of year 9 when I was making my options for year 10. I think that's how my dad swung it so we could stay. Before Amy could move into her new home she had a weekend when she and her mother were basically homeless. Dad was away at the time but my mum agreed to let them stay anyway. To me, I was just helping a friend. To Amy I guess I really was her best friend.

But as things settled Amy would spend weekends at her fathers, usually with Ella who liked to escape her foster parents. I began to feel left-out as they developed inside-jokes. I hung out with them less, turning to Molly as my best friend. Afterall, she understood better than Amy did why her reaction to moving bothered me so much. I also threw myself into trampolining, getting good at the sport and attending the club regularly alongside still doing choir. I joined Molly in taking tae kwon do since she begged. I listened to her gush over the instructor's son who was around 20 and rolled my eyes. I wished I could go back to then and tell her to stay the hell away from him. But that's a hopeless dream.

The End

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