Year 8 (Part Three)Mature

Speaking of vampires, I guess I should tell you how my obsession with them started. It wasn't Twilight, but actually a present my brother bought me. He knew I was into books and saw an audio read out of one at the garage sale. He got it for me, thinking it'd be different. It was the first book in the Darren Shan vampire series. I listened to it for days in a row and fell in love with the idea of vampires. I imagined what happened next. Months later when looking round in the library I realised there were more books in the series. I read them all in quick succession. When I was up to date with the series I looked for others like it.

My school library didn't have a lot so I joined the library in the barracks. I found the vampire dairies book series and read them then the other books by L J Smith. I also found all the series of Buffy the vampire slayer and borrowed those as well. Spike was my biggest adolescent crush. When Amy found out about my new interest she lent me books she had of similar genre. I discovered Keri Arthur books through her. Yes I was thirteen and reading very adult books. Maybe I should've freaked out but I didn't at all. In fact to this day I always think written descriptions are better than any trashy scene in a show.

Remember the music lessons? Those didn't improve. One day I ran out of it crying and ran head first into a gang of bullies. They hadn't bothered me really, but they looked ready to beat up anyone. They cornered against a wall, there were trees nearby. I guess things were similar to the bullies in the barracks. I was already crying and did so even more. The guy who led the gang freaked out about it a little and yelled at me to stop. I have no clue why, but I yelled back what had happened to me. They're all stared at me for a few seconds. Then they walked away. They never bothered me again. If the guy was walking down the corridor when people bothered me he told them to piss off. Don't get the wrong idea, we never became friends.

There was no amazing transition to year 9, it just happened. But I was going to meet a girl who was going to turn everything upside down.

The End

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