Year 8 (Part One)Mature

The only other thing worth mentioning was how we broke off our first year. Every form group had to put together a play and compete against each other. Our theme was horror. I expected to be shoved to the back for it but when it became clear no one had ideas I stepped forward. The two I met when I first started and me were the most involved in the planning. I came up with the storyline, they developed the humorous parts. The scary part is this was the first time me and Greg got on.

He let me advise him on how to be the scary monster. The whole idea was basically students staying after school trying to think up an idea for a school play (unoriginal, I know). Then a monster comes along. It wasn't my best story idea, but I was still proud of it. I decided to embrace my role as the outsider and dressed as weird hippy/goth character. Our play won the contest and for the few days after, people were nice to me.

I'll move onto my second year now. After a summer of sleepovers with Amy and Poppy (who had forgiven me and cried a lot less) I was dreading school. Last year wasn't exactly brilliant. Though a small part of me hoped it'd be better. Afterall, I'd shown I wasn't entirely useless with the play last year. First thing's first, me and Harry were broken up again. I had zero intention of getting back together. We had too many arguments and he overstepped the line too much. It's around this time he joined Carl #2 in making fun of my height, or lack thereof.

Amy went ill a lot and as a result I met some of Poppy's friends. She had two guy mates who were nice, one had aspergers and was called Nick, the other just had the randomest sense of humour. I got on well with them both and actually endured some sleepovers round Poppys to hang out with them more. I started get into design technology, even helping out at the parent evening and winning an award for it at the end of the year. I guess I enjoyed attacking random bits of wood and plastic a bit too much.

I also met a girl in the year below me through choir, her name was Jodie and both she and Harry were big time into art, mainly manga. I got into it through them. I could see Jodie had a crush on him could only hope she handled him better than I did. I new girl moved into the barracks as well. Her name was Molly and we were completely at odds with each other. She was a huge girly girl (later becoming more of a chav) while I was a tomboy (later becoming a goth – we still stayed friends though). We became best friends and everyday after school we'd hang out, either in the park or round each others houses. There were some others my age who moved into the barracks and they joined our little gang. I remained the oldest but didn't mind.

The only real incident between us was when I told her I liked a guy who moved into the barracks. The next day I found out they were going out. I never approached her about it or asked why because I didn't want to upset our friendship. Looking back I can see how she took advantage of me a lot. Which is shame, cause when our friendship ended (badly and years later) her mother kept talking to me. She wanted us to make up because she thought I was a good influence on her daughter.

So remember Carl #2? He spent the last year making my life a living hell,and his general teasing continued. But alongside that we had conversations that involved more than insults and jabs. I got to know him a bit better and his friend, three guys who were all sorts of weird and nuts. I wish I could figure out why their weird didn't get them bullied but mine did. I asked Amy what she thought of him and she said she hated him. I frowned, because he'd been a decent guy to me for a few weeks now. He'd even managed to make me laugh and told Greg to back off when he was giving me crap.

It was all a little surprising and I didn't know what to think of it. Poppy explanation was said rather abruptly when she saw my confused face.

“He fancies you.” I didn't know what to think of that. If he'd fancied me then why did he bully me? I thought back to Carl # 1 and wondered if maybe it hadn't been a dare like he'd said. But that's something I'll never know. The next time when we were sat next to each in English I asked him if he liked me. He looked at me like I was crazy. I expected him to go back to bullying me but he didn't If anything he was even nicer than before.

So I asked him out. Again, he looked at me like I was crazy. He sad he had to think about it and ran off to his next class. I had a bad feeling I'd regret it and mostly ignored him the next three days. I wanted to avoid the embarrassment and didn't dare talk to him. On the fourth day he'd had enough and approached me. I prepared for the worst and then he said yes.

The End

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