Starting Secondary School (Part One)Mature

What happened didn't bother me much longer. My parents didn't talk about it, so I pushed it to the back of my thoughts. The police officer had been here, Jamie had moved. From my perspective things had to be better and sorted now. Now my newest problem was secondary school. Everywhere I'd been I'd started part-way through the year. But this time round it'd be my first day of the first year in a new school. I wouldn't be alone in being new. The idea of making lots of friends, being able to escape the person I was in primary school strongly appealed. I wasn't going to let myself get bullied or pulled into anymore fights, I was determined.

The first people I made friends with were two guys in my form room. They were the two I was sat next to in the opening ceremony. I wish I could say I still talked to them, but after a few weeks we drifted apart. We'd been friends when we didn't know people. But they quickly joined the popular crowd, being the class clowns they were. And I quickly became one of the quieter girls. I really hadn't intended to be like I was before. And for a while I had no reason to be. People left me alone, everyone was still too new at the school for insults to start flying.

I met my best friend in German, it was the only class we shared. She was a red-head named Amy and got bullied badly because of it. It's something that to this day I will never understand because I always thought her hair was a gorgeous colour. Behind us sat Rhoan, who had the looks of your typical metal-head, but people kept mistaking him for a goth or emo, something that annoyed him a lot. Those two were my only real friends in secondary school looking back. But at the time I was so desperate to be liked and not bullied that anyone who hung out with me was seen as a friend, even when they were actually just using me as their personal verbal pin-cushion. Safe to say my self-esteem wasn't exactly high when I started secondary school.

My first year at secondary school my only friend was Amy and through her I had people I kind of got on with, but they all saw me as a bit weird. I tried to be nice and be into the things thy talked about, but I just couldn't seem to fit in. No matter what I did or said people looked down their noses at me. Outside of side-comments though I wasn't really bullied. I made friends with a guy called Harry, he had severe aspergers and was a social outcast like me.

After only knowing each other for two days we got on really well. I think the basis of our bond was mostly making fun of others between ourselves to make us feel better. I guess I said yes when he asked me out on day three because a boyfriend seemed like a nice thing to have when everything else wasn't going very well. Safe to say people treated me a lot worse as a result. Harry was similar to how I used to be, he got into a lot of fights and wasn't very good at coping with verbal insults. There were two people who bothered me and him the most, I'll name one of them Carl #2 and the other Greg.

Greg was your typical cool guy who made fun of anyone and thought it was just a joke, never quite seeing where he overstepped the line. Admittedly over time I realised Harry had this problem, but at least he had the excuse of aspergers, Greg was just a dick. Carl #2 was more complicated, he had aspergers as well, you'd think common sense would mean they'd be best buds cause of it. Apparently not so. Carl #2 had a much milder version than Harry and was a little bit better at social interaction. For some reason that made him think he was better than Harry. And the moment I decided to go out with Harry, Carl #2 decided to make fun of me as well.

I really, really wanted to go back to how I used to be and hit him a lot. Instead all that happened was daily shouting matches in the corridor. Amy held back her opinion of Harry, which wasn't high. But then he really didn't know where the line was as I said. He's a lot better today, as is Carl #2. But time matures us I guess.

The End

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