A Bad Start to Adolescence (Part One)Mature

So, at age eleven I was moved again. I'd gotten a t-shirt from Jane, a porcelain doll from Sally and one of Liam's old teddy. I wish I could say I still had all of these but all I have is the porcelain doll, which is collecting dust on my shelf. I had a few weeks before school started up again, I'd be starting half-way through the last year of primary school. Hardly ideal time to make any friends. The bullying in Melbourn primary made Norfolk look tame. One boy was particularly vicious and I hit him more than once. The teacher disliked me big time as well. At least in Swanton Morley some teachers had been sympathetic to my plight. Here they had no patience for my antics and regularly informed my parents I was a trouble child.

In my new barracks I was one of the few older kids. Everyone else was around eight or nine. I made friends with a boy who was fifteen on my first day. I'd gone to the park to escape the fuss of my parents unpacking and found myself on the swings. I learned that if I leaned back as I swung the sky looked like another world, as if I was looking at it from above. My imagination got away with me on those swings. Jamie pulled me from them and was great at cheering me up. He always regretted that I was stuck in Melbourn primary. See there were two villages that were rivals, why? No clue. There was no space in Bassingbourn Primary, so I'd had to go to Melbourn. This is part of the reason why I got so badly bullied. But I saw it as a plus. When I moved onto secondary school it'd be with people I'd never met. No having to dealing with irritating bullies in Melbourn. But that's not what I need to talk about now.

Jamie is a fake name, I'd like to say his real name. But what would be the use? He was never charged or anything. My parents wanted to give me a shot at a normal life without his memory hanging over my head. It was a pointless effort in the end. But maybe I'd feel different if they had pressed charges and I'd have to deal with court and all that blah. Who knows?

I mostly hung out with Jamie and a few of the older kids. I quickly learned who were the barracks bullies and avoided them. They usually gave Jamie trouble when we ran into them and ignored me. I knew he had to deal with them at school as well and felt a little sorry for him. I still have mixed feeling on Jamie himself. Before everything went to hell he had been a goof friend. I don't entirely believe it was an act or anything he planned. His parents didn't strike me as the kind, loving sort when I'd met them. And he was bullied a lot, I can't remember all the things he was bullied for. But I think some of it was very personal. I never asked though, figuring he wouldn't want to talk about it. My parents were aware I had a new friend but they never met him.

Rumours spread through the barracks that we were together ad I laughed them away. Then he actually turned around and asked me out. I wasn't sure, but as always I said yes. Figuring it was what I was meant to do. And as far as guy friends went he was the best one I'd ever actually had. I called Liam to break up with him. I felt terrible at the time. But when we'd said we'd stay together long distance I'd been skeptical. And looking back I know I was right to be. At eleven we didn't have a hope. I did get back into contact with him years later but he'd become a completely different person to me. It was a running theme I found.

But back to the past, Jamie was now my boyfriend. But he didn't want to just hug and kiss. Alarm bells probably should've gone off but they never did. Not until one day when I'd followed him into our usual secluded spot and said no. I'd never done so before and he got mad. I'll never know if he was actually going to rape me, or if it was a scare tactic gone wrong. But a strong gust of wind caused the long grass to sound like footsteps and he took off. The T-shirt Jane had given me was ripped from his harsh removal off it.

The End

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