Germany (Part Two)Mature

I remember one winter when the snow was particularly thick. Me and my friends decided to build an igloo. What we managed was a small thing that was barely big enough for us to crawl in and back out. But we were proud of it anyway. One of my friends parents took photos of us next to it. And like the klutzs I was then, I fell backwards into it. I laughed my head off as I shivered from the snow. When the sky grew darker I headed home and sat by the fireplace with my PJ's, long socks and a towel over my shoulders for my hair.

One of my dad's oldest army friends moved in a few streets away. Marie (all names but mine are false) and my brother grew close quickly and I tagged along. I remember swinging on the swings while they talked on the swing set next to mine. I didn't care much, Marie still played with me when I asked. She was older than my brother by a few years and had been moved about a few times. Her dislike of the army life was fierce, even back then. I'm not about to defend it, from my perspective it sucked as well. But I like to think I gained something from it.

The main memory I have of Marie in Germany was when I was younger, my brother, her and I were playing upstairs while our parents talked in the living room. She was giving me a piggyback and we wandered into my parents room. She jokingly leaned forward, laughing at my little yelp of fear. When she quickly leaned back I joined her in laughing. She did it again, leaning further forward this time. She lost grip and gravity did the rest. The bridge of my nose collided with the frame of my parents bed and I cried loudly. I remember being bored in A&E, the pain in my nose being numb. I hadn't broken it, but it'd been close. After that Marie was a lot more careful when playing with me.

The other big memory I have of Germany is my first kiss. I was seven or eight and went to the park as always. There were two boys I didn't know playing, one dressed in a Zorro outfit. They asked me to play with them so I did. I hadn't actually seen the movie at this age and so the game was half made up. But once he'd beaten the other boy and rescued me he said I was meant to kiss him. It hold no importance to me so I did. But that more childish naïve part of me always wonders what I'd do if I ran into him today. Not that I would actually recognise him, he wore the mask the whole time.

Is it any wonder I'm mainly a romance writer?

So that's what I can recall of Germany and what stories my parents can give me. I can't remember how I felt when we moved, I think for us it was quite a sudden thing. I got to say goodbye to Mikey and Robert and we were off. We stayed in a nice hotel on the way that had a pool on the top floor. I spent the few days we were there either there or in the room. Then we were on a ferry across the sea. I fell asleep on the drive through England to where we were going to live in Norfolk.

The End

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