The Transferral Route: What if Thoughts Are Energies?

The Cognitive Model of Psychology is one I find handy to address a manner of issues. When comparing the brain, or the stimuli surroundings and human behaviour, to a computer and its basics, one can start to form conclusions that come, literally, electric. Thus, I begin to tell of an idea from ‘brainwaves’, but with a twist.

What if our brain worked enough to take in the stimuli as an electrical power across multiple interfaces? By ‘interfaces’, I do refer to people. It is known that we change light information into chemical processes that lead to our actions, but it could be that this also happens within our minds as well as without.

Now, thoughts are often considered internal metaphysics and thus non-tangible. To consider that they are energies just as light or sound is energy is pushing them into the physical realm of thought, albeit still as intangible, speculative (or proven through the way other pieces of the world work) objects. This is logically possible. A lightbulb goes on because of the various energies running through and to it; a mental solution comes into light because of the electric energy and evidence in life.

In the Transferral Route, or ‘Transferral Theory’, our thoughts are ‘transmitted’, like radiowaves from a base-signal, to the world around us. It might be that they are emitted to no purpose. However, this is dubious, for even the most random of human and natural biology has been proven to have a direct cause with existence. Thus, I suggest that we want to be part of the pack, we want others to like us and thus be seen as better mates, so we direct our thoughts to ‘sense out’ similar beings.

For the case of those who believe in ‘chakra’ (I’m not sure I myself believe in quite the same quality), those with open ‘heart’ and ‘eye’ chakra are more easily receptacles of thought-brainwaves. Even if one discounts the idea for a moment, one could apply this to the sort of people who pick up on emotions more easily, or are more able to ‘predict’ the future, through knowledge of repetitious behaviour and close study, as well as the given gift of subtle divination.

So, it comes to the conclusion that, in Transferral Theory, thoughts are projected in the form of mental, electrical energy (invisible to the eye, ‘visible’ to the mind) to others, who, in turn, whether consciously or not, accept in those thoughts for their own arsenal. Thought-swapping can lead to similar ideas and “I was about to say that!” moments. This ecologically valid (yet not controlled) proof can add to the likelihood of the theory.

What about the cases of telepathy or the like? Does this not also provide a kind of evidence for a very chemical-electric view of thoughts? If twins themselves are gifted this way, we may suggest that it is because of the brain-structure, the ‘hard-drive’ with which they have been born. X Men explains telekinetics and telepathy with biology, so there is no reason why I should not do the same.

Of course, this is all hypothetical until research is provided, so I appreciate all counter-arguments to be presented.

The End

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