The Universe and I

I begin with a proposition that like mental attraction[1] – the rule that we are attracted to those who are intellectually and physically similar to ourselves – applies not only to the interaction between persons of human nature and between us and the world of living items around us, but also between ourselves and the universe.

I am somewhat a Fatalist in opinion, alas. It is quite an error to rely on the world to decorate out what must be and what path we should take, but I ‘see’[2] things that are more than coincidences everywhere. Thus, my hypotheses turn to higher powers.

The Universe knows. Surely it is a living being (of sorts) itself? Even if it is something beyond our comprehension of the use of terms ‘living’ and ‘being’. (To me, the state of οντος[3]is existing, but not all scholars agree to this point.) Following from that inference that the universe, being, possesses a type of sense like we do, it must be that it can tell of our thoughts – or take into account our emotions.

What of it? If Fate plays some part, is some toy of the Universe, then it may come to a point where the Universe is feeding off our negative or positive emotions to create exactly what we have come to see.

I hold that this is not the same as solipsism, where the universe is a created state within the mind (but what then is the place of being which holds the mind in existence?) – there, the Universe does neither exist nor have οντος; instead, we exist within a Universe that is able to read our thoughts (or perhaps the energy signals from them, if we were to able a Cognitive or Transferral route) and act accordingly to them.

Thus, self-control or –regulation is important to not have ourselves wandering down a circular path of negative thoughts and negative happenings. If we begin to view ourselves with a negative address[4], the Universe feels this and responds with a mutual feeling.

A mental attraction of existential properties: the like attracts the negative like, forming a negative lifestyle. However, disparity is abolished when it is realised that the opposite also concurs: like positive attracts the like positive states of the Universe, be it sentient, conscious or merely respondative.

That is: if one believes in one’s self, one is more likely to be given a series of happier occurrences, because of the Universe’s like connection to one’s own.

[1] See also Walster’s Matching Hypothesis for relationships

[2] It is quite another tangent to talk of third eyes or low-level psychic fields. Stay tuned…

[3] ‘Ontos’: Greek participle of the verb to be. May have slightly different connotations to the English use of the verb.

[4] See my own preview thoughts for the interpretation of ‘negative address’

The End

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