What Use Had the Dinosaur?

At first consideration, the question ‘what use had the dinosaur?’ or, more simply put, ‘what’s the point of a dinosaur?’, can be answered that there is no modern point to a dinosaur, it simply happened to be present in a past time-line of the nature of the world. However, the issue takes a more thorough looking into.

Although most might consider the dinosaur irrelevant in use, since humans existed after those creatures, it is sensible to assume that every creature that has walked the Earth has impacted on our development. To begin with, one might say that, had the dinosaurs not been destroyed by the meteor crash, we humans would have been prey and not the dominant predator in the Kingdom, and we may not have survived to evolve. In this ironic way, we needed the dinosaur’s death to lead us to be more powerful over the land.

Too, the way the dinosaurs affected the land around them may have helped ensure our survival. For instance, herbivores eating certain types of foliage must have shaped the growing planet; they might have ridded the world of some sort of poison, which might then have taken over all the healthy plants for our decedents and their food-sources to devour. By ‘affecting’ one could even refer simply to the gaseous-liquid content of the world; it would be logical, from what we know of modern day creatures, to assume that the dinosaurs took in and expelled the atmosphere as we do.

It is also illogical to remark that the dinosaur had no further effect, since on the planet animals of today can certainly be traced back to their lost ancestors. Even if the answer to the similarities between, say, the pterodactyl and the modern bird, are that they are not related and just happen to look similar, they still will have evolved from the same type of earth that we live upon. It is through fossil records that we are able to carbon date our planet; we discover how evolution has changed through the identification of the ways dinosaurs themselves acted as a community and the ways that they hunted, bred, grew… In a way, we are very much like them, and one could argue that if humans have a use, so would dinosaurs have had. Of course, this is a very scientific analysis, and there might well be a variety of differing reasons.

What use had the dinosaur? Well, it came to die, so that we might live, so that we might be able to discern what had first happened in the beginnings of the world. The dinosaur is history, yes, but, in one way, it is also a history teacher, telling us more about nature than can a textbook.

The End

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