Is Psychology an Irrelevant Science?

Having been recently posed with the question ‘is Psychology irrelevant?’, I suppose I must start from the beginning: Psychology is the study, word, reason of the psyche, the mind. Just from that alone can I reason that Psychology brings another ‘level’ or option to the other sciences, and the studies of the world.

One only has to look at the wide spread of topics covered by the term ‘Psychology’ to see how much this new science affects. Just from my Further Education studies I have done to see how extensive Psychology is as a discipline. Whilst the other three (four if you count Geography) main sciences are concerned with their own theories, Psychology has a way of encompassing them all in its ideas.

For instance, bio-chemistry might be able to provide the physical aspect for the occurrence of dreams, but it cannot pin-point the reason behind the variety of perspectives that come about in those dreams. Psychology is all about the fact that we are all different and we cannot see inside one’s metaphysical thoughts; but, as humans, we will try. It is in our nature to reach for those places beyond our base knowledge and Psychology helps us do so.
Is Psychology irrelevant when we can simply study the world from our windows? No; Psychology is more than watching others or reflecting on case studies and their led-to findings. As a Science, it is unusual. Like Physics, it has philosophic quantities, but Psychology contains less maths and more writing. To me, being a Psychology student is being someone who is interested in the Sciences, but more willing to dip in and out of other disciplines, too. This is why you will find Psychologists coming from a variety of backgrounds and possessing a variety of skills, from art to language to calculation. Because Psychology can branch off into many different areas, it is not an exclusive science, but does rely on whatever skills one has to bring. In this way, Psychology is unique and one could consider it more relevant than those sciences that are self-absorbed.

The above shows the value of Psychology- in that it can be applied to very many other disciplines. Can Chemistry understand the aesthetic value of artwork, and begin to fathom reasons behind the arts affects on emotions? In my opinion: it cannot. This is where Psychology, as a Science, goes beyond the standard empiricism.

As a final point: most universities now consider Psychology an official science; if it didn’t bring anything new to the table, there wouldn’t be such a demand for the subject to be taught. It may appear to be ‘flowery’ at first, but I do not think that Psychology is ever a lesser part of a scientific life. Just as with any of the sciences, it enables us to understand humanity and to relate to humanity in a beneficial manner.

The End

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