The Nature of Teleportation

I am often found casting the remark around that I am gifted with the ability to teleport. This does not alter who I am, both physically and mentally- mostly due to the point that such teleportation is an exaggeration of my quiet agility.

However, if such teleportation were to occur in our space and time, would it, being the dissembling and reassembling of collective molecular structure over a distance, alter a person's self?

First of all, I start with the question of what makes a human being. Flesh? Bones? Atomic particles? A soul, perhaps? It comes to the fact of whether we count a person by what they are physically (though, perhaps not in the specific sense of appearance) or by what goes on in their metaphysical: their mind. Most humans have skin, even if this- and a bone structure- are not what define humans in the context of Creational order. Thus, due to my latter point, I believe that, were a human to go through teleportation, and reassemble as they physically were, they would still be a human.

But there is another question: would they be whole that way? If they were physically-formed animals without conscious thought, and that was it, the way that teleportation made them complete, then yes. However, we must consider the what if of the atoms being complete, but not the ‘meta-atoms’, the pieces of the mind. This is, of course, if one chooses to take the idea of soul into account. If the soul is repaired just as the atoms are, then the combination of the two would make the full human. So, they would be the complete human again.

However, there comes the final question: would they be the same person? How can one who has tumbled through time and space, experienced diffraction-travel (ie. vanishing in one place, reappearing in an utterly different place) in the blink of an eye and a microsecond, still be the same? This spiralling is part of the problem I face in the definition of change during teleportation; we simply have no idea how someone is affected if they were to go through such a procedure. In artificial, science-fiction scenarios, it is implied that there is simply, no change, and that teleportation is just the transference of one body to a different place. However, real life is not science-fiction, in which there are many more variables to consider.

The End

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