Smiling.. Not So Much

Smile…That is what I try to do. Smiling at this time is very hard. Last night a group of us kids sat around talking. Some of it was silly to break tension and some was fun. Me and two other teens were talking and we were thinking that maybe some of the adults thought we were being disrespectful because we were joking around. And it wasn’t that we were trying to take from the sadness of that day, it was just how we coped with it. We had many awkward silences. It was either because we didn’t know what to say next or we were think of Lorie, and how we could have fun without her. There was alot of tears, some smiles when we thought of the good times, and hope, lots and lots of hope.

We all need to smile, because thats the best medicine. When one person smiles, everyone smiles. Laughter is grouped in with smiles. It works the same way. I laugh when I’m stressed, I laugh when I am sad, I laugh when I’m happy. Laughter helps all thru the really hard times, such as this.

So laugh, smile…go on, my friend, it can’t hurt, it can only help.

The End

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