Hot Water and BubblesMature

                The water is cold at first and the girl becomes frustrated with waiting. She pours soap in the sink and stops it up with a plug. Bubbles begin to fill around the dishes as the water mixes furiousy with the soap. Pinks and Oranges and Yellows reflect in their convex surfaces. She picks up a sponge and begins to scrub.

                    As the water continues to pour from the faucet, it begins so burn her fingers and the backs of her hadns turn red. She grits her teeth and blows her bangs out of her eyes. She itches to pin them back with her hands, but they are wet, soapy, and spotted with flecks of food.

                     She stacks the last plate in the drying rack. It makes a crisp clink as it connects with another. She laughs at the clear note and blows into the sink, sending a flurry of green and red and pink reflections into the air. She dries her hands and inspects them. They are shriveled and chalky. She picks up the newspaper, but the feeling of it against her skin makes her wince and drop it.

                    In an hour, the feeling will be gone, but the cracks in her hands will be a little deeper.

The End

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