Charcoal DustMature

                She brushed the thick black dust off her fingers, streaking her white blouse. The paper ws smudgy, but she kind of liked it that way. The blurred edges of the chinatown skyline gave the silhouette a dusky, mysterious feel. She smiled, pleased. Across the table, her best friend worked at his own piece. He was fastidious, careful to pick up any excess markings with his gum eraser.

                 "Ah, look, you got black on your uniform." She looked down, smiling.

                  "All the better to make Mr. Carroll angry with." He rinned widely and returned to his drawing. She peered over his arm, draped across the top of the picture. At first, she couldn't make out what it was. Her eyes widened in comprehension. She stared back at herself.

The End

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