Sitting in a Hole

Indie style song


I'm just sitting here in a hole

And it's messing with my soul

And I don't know how to get out

Oh can't you hear me shout?

Here I'm waving hard as I can

And no, I haven't got a plan

Can't you please reach down to me

And maybe you can help pull me free?



I am living here every day,

Just the one day at a time

Finding different colours of grey

Are all that I can ever see

I'm just here finding my way

Taking one step and then the next

Moving further along the path

Somewhere else from where I have been




Each day I live is just the same

As was the one that has been

And may also be one alike

To the one that is coming soon

Numbering twenty five thousand

Plus maybe a few give or take

Maybe you can add or subtract

A couple but that's all there is




Can't you please see me down here?

I'm the one down here needing help

I'm just a man here on the edge

Or maybe I'm slightly beyond

Here, I'm looking out of my hole

And I'm seeing people go by

I'm just sitting, wondering why

No-one ever stops to free me



The End

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