Sisters Beneath The Stars

A song of sisterly love. Dedicated to Angela.

{Verse 1}
I saw a stream that swept 'cross the nation.
I saw a stream shown in pale evening lights.
I saw a stream that we filled of golden rings;
Yet they were the same - ever strange -
Like You and I.
Go from the start, 'lil shadow o' the east sun.
Make your own choice, so you can move on.
Follow your faith, but always believe in me.
'Cuz I am your sister - beneath the stars
We Are like snow in the weather
We Are a song that's forever
We Have Been together - both far:
My sister beneath the stars.
{Verse 2}
Whenever you take the spir of the moment,
If ever you flee, I'll take for the run.
And where ever you glow, my heart will glow with you.
Cause you are my sister - beneath the stars.

The End

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