Sister Grim

one of these days i'll disappear

fade right into thin air

vanish in the sunset

maybe then i could forget

the old me and the things i did

would i forget that i'd ever lived


somehow i'll run away

lay on sandy beaches all day

laugh until i cry

i'll do it all by my -


who am i kidding?

i couldn't survive

i wouldn't be running so much as taking a nose dive

fall so fast it'd be hard to revive

bleed all my love, never coming alive...

i still get an urge when i see a misty road

to slip through the fog and see where it goes

come out turned around in Upside-Down world

like a rose i would bloom, my petals unfurled

somewhere, i know there's somewhere that i'm meant to be

the far away land where the princess felt the pea

where alice sat down to mad hatter tea

perhaps there is where they'll all accept me.

The End

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