Row over Word

Arial said ‘I’m the best. I’m plain and simple, and perfectly clear.’

‘NO!’ Said Comic sans MS. ’I’m practical yet cool, so get out of here!’

Impact came along and said: ‘WellI’m bold, so everyone sees me.’

‘Wrong!’ said Courier New. ‘I’m much classier, as you can see!’

‘Classy!’ said French Script MT.’ ‘I’m as classy as you can get.’

But Lucida Handwriting said ‘you haven’t seen anything yet!’

Webdings said to the world: ‘I’m interesting it’s true!’  

But Tempus Sans ITC said ‘Shut up, no-one can even read you!

Times New Roman said to all ‘You’ve the talent of a paper cup!

I am naturally the easiest to read,’ then everyone shut up.

The End

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