The Secret Diary of The Ultimate Hero

Monday 5th September

Today something really horrific happened. I was just having a simple, ordinary day. Ok, only as ordinary as you can get when you live in SWIPE shelter. (SupernaturalWorldInternationalProtectors of theEarth) It’s the place for people with powers, like me. I don’t think mine is much. It has never helped my life, only made me look very stupid.

 Anyway, I was having an average day, which for me was sitting in the main hall like a one of those sludgy dark grey clouds which appear when you are just about to go outside, when this letter sprinted through the door like my cat when he had just seen a dog (or tinsel). I actually thought it was him, (but then I realised he wouldn’t fit in an envelope). I was about to grab it, thinking it would be for a popular person (i.e. not me), but it said TO ANYONE. It probably meant anyone but me, but I looked around to see if anyone was there. No-one was. I grabbed the grubby letter and rapidly shredded the envelope, hoping to unearth some utterly private secrets. Instead I got THIS:


To the receiver

You have been chosen. The task is coming.


 That was it! No questions answered, only made. This was ridiculous. I was just about to check to see if there was anything on the back when-

 ‘Not that again.’

 I jolted and shuffled round to see Elena Howling, best friend and SWIPE know-it-all. ‘What is it?’ I said, all relaxed now in my friend’s company.

 ‘Oh, it comes every year. The ‘receiver’ has to ‘defeat’ the Scarlet Witch.’ My spine trembled. I didn’t need to ask who SHE was.

 Elena continued. ‘Whenever she has some destructive act, the letter is sent. Sorry, but you have…four, five days.’

 ‘Until what? Tell me, Elena.’                                                                                  

But Elena had turned away. I followed her, not wanting to be ignored. We came to the TV room, where Loretta (best friend number two) was staring at the screen like her life depended on it.

 It did.

 The annoying pretty lady was gabbling on about some solar panel eco friendly blah. At first I wasn’t interested. The TV kept flickering and making odd sounds anyway. This is on the news all the time now. But the irritating news reader’s glossy pink lips grabbed the light as she said. ‘And now a quick LIFE WARNING from Bob Bob about the SUN DEATH HORROR [Intentional capital letters] this was Katy Egg on SUPANEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWS!’ The cheap sound effects and the tacky titles merged into some nervous-looking person.

 By now the TV was so bad that all I could make out was ‘The world is going to end next weekcracklegoing to diefizzwitchcraft responsiblecrackleDOOMED!’ The TV gave on last fizz, pixels spraying around the screen, before it completely died.

 So that’s it. Seven days left.


Tuesday 6th September

Six days to go

This morning by mind was shocked into life by an amazing idea! It’s all making sense now. The letter…the end of the world…YEEEEEES!


Sorry. I have realised now. I have three days to defeat the Scarlet Witch. It’s all arranged now anyway. Only I won’t save the world, because I’m not even sixteen yet at I don’t have much of a power and she’s survived an attempt to chop her head off.


Wednesday 7th September

Today my ‘power’ kicked in. During lunch. I wasn’t even aware of it.  I just looked down to grab the spoon and saw a paw. Everyone else found it very funny. Loretta calls me ‘Canteen Kitty’ now. Luckily I’m human again now. Apparently you can’t control you powers until you’re 18. Urghhhhhhhh!

 Oh, and I almost forgot it’s my birthday tomorrow.  I’ll be sixteen. I don’t feel very excited though. Not when the world ends in five days.



Thursday 8th September

At least today I have had loads of support for my ‘adventure’ to come. I don’t feel much better, but I REALLY don’t want tomorrow to enter my life. I’m meeting ‘her’ at the old castle ruins in the middle of the forest. This sounds like fun. Happy birthday to me...


Friday 9th September

Sorry! I have really shaky handwriting because I am as nervous as a delicious cake in the presence of me.  I am going to die; I know it, and my friends shall have to unwillingly follow.



I have now recovered from the panic attack, but something much worse has happened. At least, today I worked out how to lodge my claws into the pencil.

 I arrived at the old castle ruins, where the Scarlet Witch was waiting for me.  The scar on her cheek and the uneven hair confirmed that she managed to just duck out of the way in the last attack. Her hair was the same deep red as the scar, and her eyes filled with flames. Her skin was is white as a corpse’s, and she was as thin as one too. She was dressed in all black, except a ruby that shone in the same fiery way as her eyes that was sewn on to her black t-shirt. She towered in a feisty, dominant way, and seemed to be getting taller. No, she was getting taller. I saw myself in a puddle and realised I had the silver fur and whiskers sprouting. I was a cat. Why, at a place like this?

 I lifted my head, to see how the scarlet Witch had reacted. She wasn’t scared. Or surprised. Or worried. Not even confused.  She was laughing!

 ‘We’ll have postpone this ‘battle’, then.’ She muttered over the laughing. ‘Until you’re...hahahaha! a fit state to do so...hahahahhahahahhahahaa!’

Thank goodness I brought this diary, or I would have fainted with the bottled-up humiliation.


Saturday 10th September

STILL a cat! My power has never gone on this long before! What a way to spend your weekend!



Sunday 11th September

Ok, the world is predicted to end tomorrow...I’M STILL A STUPID CAT!


Monday 12th September

I feel a failure...STILL A CAT. But the Scarlet Witch is now preparing to destroy the world. But...I feel I can’t let it happen! NO! I must do this for Elena and Loretta! For everyone! For ME!

 I’m going to just go up to her...mew really loudly...and kill her in a very gory way! What? It’s what my cat does to mice!

 Ok, here goes...



Oops. I only got as far as the meow, when the castle just started to collapse! I’m running away, I can’t see the edge but-


Some time later

This is the first entry in a while, and the last. Because I did it. I killed the witch with one meow! I SAVED THE WORLD! I may have been unconsious for days, but it was worth it. I'm human again now.

I can go home to Mum and Dad and the cat now, but I'll miss Elena and Loretta though. At least I can say good bye to my crazy cat life!


Charlene Sleek






The End

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