I've forgotten what it feels like to be hungry. 

I eat a little bit often enough that my stomach never growls any more. I realised yesterday because the banana I was meant to eat at lunch was mouldy so I didn't eat it and my stomach growled in 4th period. That hadn't happened in so long it took me a second to realise what was going on. Then, I realised and I was so happy.

But I'm still.... I don't know.

I eat well. I excersize. I do situps every night before I go to sleep but, I'm still some fat *ss b*tch. Not in a 'OMG Like I still feel all ugly and sh*t omg i want attention' sort of way just in a 'there has been no difference made to my body in the past 3 months' sort of way and that, well, that sucks. The big red patootie. Yeah, I'm from England I don't even no what patootie means, let alone whether or not you can use it in a sentence like that.

The point is, I feel fat still and I don't think that's ever going to change and now, I'm sort of feeling a bit down to be honest.

The End

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