Becca is ill. Very ill. I didn't even notice.

She didn't eat enough and now she's 20% underweight. She might have to go to hospital. I'm so worried.

She worries for me too. She says that I'm on the same path, that all my counting calories will make me as ill as her. She might have to go to hospital for 6 weeks.

She thinks I don't care about her, or her worries for myself. But I do. I stay up now, worried about her and me and everything.

I told my brother that Becca was worried I didn't eat enough. He laughed at me. He said that that was stupid, I'd never missed a meal in my life. Except I have. And he basically called me fat.

See, this is why I have problems telling people things. Because stuff like that happens. Everyone at home thinks I eat too much, and everyone at school the opposite. I personally think I eat the right amount, and the only other person who agrees with me is Kitt. That's fair, because he's the only one I talk t0 a lot about this. Everyone else makes assumptions.

The End

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