So now I've boiled over. Way over. I've yelled at Kitt. quite a lot. I don't know. Last night, I just lost it. I was on facebook, I saw his name, and I just snapped. I wrote this great long message. I swore a lot. I don't regret it, but I'm not proud of it. I wrote about how he made me feel unimportant, how it felt like he didn't care about my problems. How I was sorry that my problems are always the same, but I couldn't help that and I told him because it hurts. So he wrote back, all sympathetic and everything, said he was sorry. And I just. kept. going. It was like I couldn't stop. I kicked him half to death with words. Perhaps I even made him hurt as much as I did. but he didn't show it. 

He asked me to calm down. I tried. He told me work was stressing him out, that he cared about me and that he was always available to listen to me.

So why is he always checking the time. Why does he pull away so soon when I hug him goodbye. Our bond sounds weird to others, but we've got so close because we both need each other. Needed each other.

So then I told him all that. He didn't really respond but he asked me to tell him what was up. So here's the list.

You (Kitt)








So he went through. Bless him he tried to help. But he can't do that much.

I talked about my friends. Becca and maddie, they always tell me whats going on. One of them is slowly turning anorexic while the other self-harms. And they both think I'm the most confident, body loving girl whose parents are less likely to split than an atom. Shows how much I share with them.

The End

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