Should I Leave the "New Members" Group?

I've been here since December 26th, 2013.

I've been in the "New Members" group since December 26th, 2013.

Today is March 31st, 2015.

Yes, I know, dates mean very little. But I can't find myself to leave the "New Members" group. I don't think that I'm a newbie at this point. I know a couple people around, I've ranted to quite a few of them, I've written over 600 pages. I'm a self-declared poet, nerd, author, artist, and archer (yes, I do archery. No, I've never gotten shot).

Poet: Yes. There's a f*ckton of poetry in this place. About 200 of those are mine. *bows* Or like 100 of them. Same difference.

Nerd: My nerd-ness is almost as obvious as my LGTBQA+ -ness. I could go on for months about why Batman is better than Superman and how Joker is the best villain ever (Keith Ledger was a crucial part of that awesomeness, though) and how Penguin cracks me up. And how I love Hawkeye and Pizzadog. Not in that order. Oooh, and I ship the Wiccan/Hulking boat so badly. I'm not even going to start on Deadpool, though.

Author: If you question this, look at the site you're reading it on. YES, YOU TOO ARE AN AUTHOR.

Artist: I can't seem to put the charcoal down. Also, ink pen + HSD = weird proportions. I'm woman enough to admit that ink is not my friend. Graphite, however? I WILL DRAW YOUR FACE OFF.

Archer: Bows. And arrows. And sights. And hip quivers. And arm guards. And finger tabs. So much stuff. I do recreational archery, though (which is a nice way of saying that I basically do it for fun, and to avoid really wanting to shoot some people in the butt).

But newbie? No. That is one thing that I'm not.

Should I take myself out of the group? I've grown a little attached to it, to be honest. A little scared to let go and admit to myself that I've actually been here for quite a while.

Anyways. Time to go do stuff (deadlines, yay! *cue the immense sarcasm*)


The End

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