This is a poem by first-grade me. My grandmas pocketbook has...

100 pens, dirt, a shirt, a man named bert, A rag, some clothes, Sherlock Holmes, a toot a suit a root, a fly, the sky, a pie, a tray, a spray, the USA, a banana, a girl named Hanna, a baby, a flabby, a gravy, a fridge, a dog, a frog, a log, a bog, a cog, a rat, a cat, a hat, and HAIIIIR YAY

I don't even know. Notice it says a man named Bert, A girl named Hanna and after Hanna... It says a baby. Is there a bed in there too? :3 Anyway HAAAIR YAY Lol idk what that part was about. But yeah, my grandmother's pocketbook is actually quite large in real life. This was by second grade me.

The End

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