I have a turtle teddy. his name is TeddyKinz. I made him comfy Clothes. He is cozy in bed. (This story has actual illustrations. This one is of the turtle plush wearing a hat. In bed.) He likes to be thrown up in the air. (This part is effing creepy.) He cracks his face sometimes but he is Ok. He does not bleed blood. Only stuffing which is his guts. One time he lost and eye but I put a new one on because I love TeddyKinz. (Image; A turtle In a cast with one huge eye and the other smaller. Mother of god.) I like to cuddle him. He is afraid of storms. He likes to eat buttons. He stays near me during storms. (Image; a shivering turtle on a poorly drawn child's lap.) I build him a fort and he feels better! The end. (Image; a turtle in a tent.) This story is freaking creepy for a 5-year old Kindergardener. Sadly you can't put pictures on this site. :( This was by me, by the way. Peace!

The End

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