Shoes by the Door


A pair of shoes by the door can speak.

They can tell your neighbors that occasionally visit what you do for a living. They can tell people whether or not you like to garden or jump around in the rain. Shoes can tell people if you have children or not from the little teeny tiny shoes and galoshes being towered by the bigger pairs or from the ballet flats and Etnies sneakers worn by teens.

The number of shoes by the door can tell people how much you love the creation of shoes. They can tell that cute boy from physics tutoring you if you like the freedom of flip flops or the simplicity of Converses. The red strappy high heels tell people about how you went dancing all night last night and that was the reason why you were so miserable. People can be told if you like to run or exercise from the sneakers still hot from the pavement.

Shoes by the door can say a lot of things. You just need to learn how to listen to them.

The End

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