She's Only Beautiful When She Cries

V1: She says she's always loved you

Never was a doubt in her mind

She says she's always needed you

To keep her in a line

She says without you she'd be lost

And I suppose that's true

But I wish that I could tell you

Yea, if only she knew

She don't have to be in love with

R: Because to you she's only beautiful when she cries

You don't care for her smile

Or her pretty brown eyes

Her heart, her mind, her soul

Are just things you despise

You take her fears

And turn them into pride

God only knows what she thinks of you

But to you she's only beautiful when she cries

B: He's losing time

To hold onto his girl

She packs her bags

And walks on out the door

Her kids wait in the backseat of a

Blue minivan

They're shaking with fright

And holding each other's hands

When they're older they'll ask their daddy why

Why did momma leave you

Why'd you make her cry

And he'll say

R2: She was only beautiful when she cried

When you get your girl

You'd better look her in the eyes

And notice little things

But ignore the little lies

Protect her from her fears

And forget about your pride

Because God will know what you think of her

But you won't know what she thinks of you

And she'll be beautiful

She'll be beautiful

Oh she'll be beautiful

Even if she cries.

The End

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