She's glued

Write about someone you truly admire. I wrote this piece to really bring out the nature of my sister and to maybe have a few people check her out. She is a truly extraordinary poet, short story writer, script writer, and novel writer. She even runs her own youth poetry slam.


My sister sticks her pencil to the paper like it’s glued and becomes oblivious to her surroundings, like she's separated by a thick glass wall. For the next hour, she will be unable to talk or interact with you. But in the end, I’m glad she did, because I’ve never had the privilege of hearing something so perfectly imperfectly beautiful in my entire life, and believe me, neither have you. She is humble, and this quote she wrote clarifies that. “Today people talk about loving themselves, but wouldn’t it be better to love someone else?” And sure, I’m ticked when we’re in the car and we ask her 5 TIMES what restaurant she prefers, and all she replies is “hmmmm?” over and over and over again. My other sister is often annoyed too, (not to mention my mom.) Look, I sure as heck can’t write as well as her, and that’s okay, because I, have bragging rights. Because I have the wonderful gift from the heavens of hearing something so filled with raw emotion, no one but an unfeeling idiot would dare mock it. It’s not every day that I get to write a some thing or any one for that matter gets to write about something so, awesomely, Sydney.

The End

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