She Sleeps with the Lights On

Sort of an autobiography; sort of a random nothingness.
Story of a girl.
That's quite enough.

You're so strong!

You're my role model!

You inspire me!

She zips her jacket all the way up to her chin as she runs in the rain. With the droplets pelting down like razors of fire, she ignores her burning muscles and continues to run in an attempt to purge any weakness from herself. After all, they did say that "pain is weakness leaving the body." Right? Right?

How you can be so strong in the middle of all this is beyond me! You're my heroine!

Their words were meant to be encouraging, but now, she wonders if she deserves them. She's such a hypocrite. People think she's so strong, but on the inside, she's struggling to press on.

Jamming the key into the lock, she enters her house and replaces her soaked clothes with dry ones. It's dark outside. Time for bed, really.

I want to be just like you!

She curls up in bed and lets the guilt wash over her. They think she's so brave, but really...she's not. Anxiety, nightmares, panic attacks, and fear have become a nightly ritual. They think she's someone to look up to, but really...

She sleeps with the lights on.

The End

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