He stood there, alone, in the shadows, afraid. For so long he had been afraid to fall in love, he was so scared of getting hurt again. Every girl he had ever thought he had been in love with had hurt him so badly, he couldn't stand the thought of it happening to him again.

But there she was, standing there, looking at him, like he was the only person left in the entire world. He had seen her around and he knew, he knew that if there was anyone out there for him, anyone in this wasteland of a world, that it was her. Just the way she looked at him, the way those eyes penetrated his very soul, no one had ever been able to make him feel like this. It was like she was looking right into his very heart, like she saw all his sorrow and hearbreaks, and it all just melted away.

Looking at her, seeing her trenchcoat as it swayed in the calm breeze of a July evening, he knew that she was the one. He knew that they would be together always, she would never hurt him. He knew that she had been through just as much pain as he had, and he wanted to take it all away. All he wanted was for her to feel no more pain, for her to be in his arms and him in hers. As long as they were together, no one could hurt them anymore. She was his Juliet, and he, her Romeo.

The End

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