Kamoguchi Fujitsu

Name: Kamoguchi Fujitsu

Height: 5’11

Weight: 170 lbs

Age: 26 (looks 20)

Appearance: His most striking feature is his eyes, which are a very piercing blue, and always seem to have a shine to them, even in pitch darkness. Face is long, chin is pointed. His hair is middle-shade brown and is very wavy (he also tends to switch between having a ponytail or not). He's quite muscular, but focuses more on toning his muscles.

Personality: Very volatile. His hyperactivity and cheerfulness can be infectious. And while he may be a genius in terms of combat, he's a pure idiot elsewhere (not even being able to read). Signs of early insanity are prominent. And while he may seem very trusting, the only other man he fully trusts is his long-time friend, Takomacht Ryo. He extends trust to those Ryo trusts, but it isn't complete.

Race: Cursed Human

Abilities: He is a martial arts master, having made his own style and dabbling a bit in different fields. He unconsciously uses his aura when he fights, though it's mainly used as protection. His strongest trait is his speed, and people who have seen him have said he may as well have been the wind.

Ougis: Eroding Gale Wave, Unmoving Gust Wall, Twister Fist of the Clouds


  • [1] Swallow
  • [1] Nunchaku


  • His aura
  • His own muscles


  • [1] Jeans
  • [2] Sandals
  • [1] Bag of food
  • [2] Shoulder pads
  • [1] Patched-up cloak
  • [1] Pentagram bracelet
  • [1] Cross bracelet

Bio: Fujitsu lived in the Eastern lands with his clan, which was once known as one of the most powerful martial arts group in country. However, on his seventh birthday, his clan was wiped out. No historian can figure out what did it; all they know is that their home was burnt to a crisp, and nobody from there was ever heard from again. Fujitsu, however, did see the carnage. Unfortunately, it shattered his psyche and he pushed the memory into the abyss of his broken mind. He had blacked out after the incident, and woke up to find a new settlement on top of where his home used to be. Confused and distraught, he fled his homeland and began to discover the world, learning to push anything of negativity from his emotions. He found work as a bounty hunter, mainly so he could keep his martial arts practices relevant. His first big job was to slay a Drake who had been running amok. He did this with a heavily wounded man, Takomatch Ryo, whose bride had been cremated by the beast. After the deed was done, the two teamed up for a while. They went their separate ways after a few years, but they still keep in touch and visit each other whenever they can.

The End

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