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Character profiles and sheets for the Shadow War/Warriors of Fate Story Line

Name: Lynn Taldeer

Height: 5’6

Weight: 132 lbs

Age: 152

Appearance: For the most part, she tends to be of more mundane looks and stylings, at least amongst elves.  Her outfits tend towards simple but practical, often with several pockets, multiple pouches.  She keeps her hair in a simple ponytail, usually about mid-point on her head.  Her eyes tend towards a more sapphire blue, and her skin is usually a mix between tanned and pale.

Personality: She's a quiet, calm individual, whom tends to be seen as somewhat, odd, considering her ability to focus on her work so intently that she's able to close out the world around her to such a degree that one would think the only thing that existed to her, was her and her work.  Still, she does try to be personable when she is around others, though it's proven quite difficult to pry her from work long enough.

Race: Elf

Abilities: She is able to make use of daggers, staves and her magical skills.  She is also a powerful thinker, calculating, accounting, and planning in seconds.

Spells: Magic Missile, Fireball, Lighting, Ice Bolt


  • [1] Dagger
  • [1] Staff


  • [1] Traveling Robes


  • [8] Belt Pouches
  • [1] Whetstone
  • [4] Quills
  • [8] Vials of Ink
  • [1] Backpack
  • [4] Empty Tomes
  • [1] Spellbook
  • [3] Books of notes
  • [14] Days of Rations
  • [1] Cloak, Heavy Wool
  • [1] Sleeping Roll
  • [1] Blanket, Winter
  • [1] Magnifying Glass

Bio: Born to a small family, her powerful mind and ability to quickly study and learn most things she was put to, even after it was found she had the ability to use magic without foci or tomes like wizards, leading to her being send to a magical academy to try and give her a focus for her mind.  While it worked for a time, it didn't help to keep her in the Academy long, as she was able to quickly speed through the various courses in record time.  While many mages thought this might mean she could become a powerful Sorceress, if only she could chose to stop trying to be a researcher of lost knowledge and actually put her mind to the task of actually mastering her abilities.

The End

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