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Is love non-existent everywhere due to our generation or are we looking in all the wrong places?


My Initial opinion on the dating scene in London compared to Miami, Florida.....Completely different! I moved to London and immediately entered the dating scene upon arrival to try and unravel the secrets to dating in European society. It seems as if the long lasting relationship is a lot more common here and I want to find out why. I've come to find a guy who wants me for more than just to relinquish his sexual urge and to nurse his hangover!


Considering I am a 25 year old female that grew up in Miami, Florida. Of course I am active in the dating scene I love going out and meeting new people. Ultimately the idea of dating is to meet someone you want to settle down with to create a traditional family. Isn't that everybody's goal? Not exactly, unfortunately the word tradition is very close to extinction! In South Florida, where I come from, there are two types of men; playboys and cowards. The playboys have the fancy cars, a lot of money and superficial girls with one hobby, gold digging. The cowards are men who front that they can provide a wholesome, traditional, normal relationship, but don't have the courage to follow through with the promises they deliver. So of course, I have become a little bitter and fed up over the past 7 years of my dating existence.


If you don't play the game correctly your heart can be crushed into a million little pieces. It's sad to say, but I see it happen all of the time back home. I watch a majority of my girlfriends start up with this so called "perfect guy" then after about a week they come a runnin' for a pint of chunky monkey and a shoulder to cry on. It gets tiring always having to look over your shoulder to see if your new beau is flirting with the hot bartender trying to make her the new flavor of next week.


After a hard break up from a two and half year relationship that seemed perfect, but was actually filled with lies and deceit, I decided to make a fresh new start across the pond! In London, there is a very culturally diversified mixture of respectful, intelligent strapping young lads to choose from. And by what I have observed thus far, traditional lads as well. Let's not leave out the sexy accent;)


Venture with me through this journey of a tainted young woman who almost lost her faith in love, to find a true and honest guy who can possibly restore my faith in the male species. It should be an extremely interesting journey!

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