Sex Through The London Eye

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Every week a new column will be posted. So come along on a journey with me to explore the world of dating in Europe in comparison to the U.S.

My goal is better defined in my mission statement as a writer:

To Whom It May Concern:

I have recently relocated to London from Miami to finish writing a book I started about the trials of dating and relationships. And the effects of how certain experiences can have on an individual. I do this by exploiting my own experiences and changes.

Living here in London for going on four months now, I have discovered a whole new world of dating. It's a very diverse culture here, completely different from American culture. I think it would be quite interesting to introduce the different aspects of dating here in Europe. I find it intriguing being a young woman on the dating scene to explore the new and exciting world of the male species and how they initiate conversation, dating and romance.

I am 25 year old female writer, born and raised in South Florida. I have a track record of 7 years of dating and about 2 years of writing. I finally would like to combine the two because I believe I have a lot to contribute to society by offering advice to young women in my generation and entertaining stories for all. I love to travel and write about my encounters. My personal goal is to promote the desire travel within our youth to expand the International knowledge of politics, culture and economics. Hopefully my column will promote travel among our youth to make our world a more knowledgeable place for all.

Although, I am not a published writer, I do think you have to start somewhere. I am in the process of looking for a literary agent. I am submitting segments of my book and the introduction to the column I have been writing.

I hope you enjoy!


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