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This is a reflection on a several discussions. Most of the discussions were in a Religions Studies class, some outside of it, but more than likely sparked by it.

    Reincarnation. A thought I’ve had before. Everyone ponders what happens after death. I, myself, have wondered quite a bit as to what will happen after I die. Reincarnation seems like the only logical explanation. I’m far too old to never have lived before. It seems as if I have experienced so much in so little time, but really have experienced almost nothing at all.
    Such a silly conversation. But it meant so much more that it seemed. I could have been a bird. But I don’t think so. I just believe I yearn for a freedom that I’ve never seen. Perhaps on this quest, this world I currently inhabit, I will free myself. But perhaps not. Maybe it will take more than that. Maybe this is my soul’s quest, something that I can’t accomplish in one life.
    There are so many things that could be explained by this notion of reincarnation. So many things I’ve always wondered about could be explained simply by that it happened in a previous life. But so many things are also brought to question.
    Shadows of a former life haunt me as I waste time, precious time, wandering this earth. I’m lost, unsure of my purpose. But what does it matter, anyway? Why should I even bother? Life is just about sex and food, isn’t it? But there is more. I am unsure why, but I know there is.  Something lingers in the shadows, waiting for me to discover it.

The End

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