When the Flames Grew as High as Trees


Sister Water, while you were healing their wounds,

while you washed away affliction and pain and hurt,

I was taken into captivity.  I became an experiment. 


They stole me away in the night, and they saught to control my insatiable burning.

They desired my power, my might, and my destructive nature.

I was kept as a slave until they discovered my secrets.

And then, I was taken into the sky, and dropped onto the unsuspecting village.


My flames ravaged all there was.  There were no survivors. 


I am no longer my own self, but the tool of man.  I am a slave to their enflamed corruption. 


Sister Water, I have become a monster in the hands of man. 

Sister Water, can you free my from the cage that is this existence?

The End

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