Adolescence of the flame

Only a few molecules at birth, i began my journey on this planet.

My friends kindled me , and some even revered me.

For they knew of my power and did fear it.

When the darkness engulfed them, chilling their bones and weak hearts,

I fought bravely to grow and illuminate their lives.

But not all of them were my friends, dear sister.

For there was always the evil wind.

She raged around me and cut through me, threatening to destroy me

She even threated to spread me to the corners of the world

And destroy all that i loved for no fault of mine.

But i have survived her wrath , sister.

And my heart eternally yearns for the day when we shall meet again

to become one - neither fire nor water - but merely a unified form.

And together we shall be for all eternity then, for the universe shall have perished

and we shall return to our homeland, and be greeted by the loving face

Of out mother- the maker of this universe and our race.

The End

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