Setting the Motion- Plan

Explosion- the eight dimensions have collided on Earth. The Thespianos have come with a solution which the British and American Government have agreed on. Maria Cortez is currently working undercover in France to find out the views of the fellow Europeans. Alex meanwhile has been trying to adjust to a “normal life” with his dad without Maria as Maria has made Alex disconnected from her and the world of thespianos. Despite his various attempts of trying to make connections with her, Maria seems to close further doors. Confused over Maria’s feelings over him and the wonder if their friendship is almost over; Alex decides to confront her head on and lies to his dad about a sudden school trip to France. In Alex’s opinion, his dad overwhelmed with stresses over work and naive of the sudden collision, so reluctantly lets him go in the hope to patch up relationships with his son and an explanation of his recent strange emotional behaviour.  Alex with the help of the Changs eventually finds Maria. Despite the initial frustration and anger given by Maria, she is relived and happy to see Alex went to see her as deep down she loves him. Because of this, she leads with Hank Metamorphis (much to Alex’s disgust) so she is reassured that he is okay without having to be physically there with him. Hank explains to Alex that there is an undercover Thespiano spy and only to make Maria happy (as he also fancies her) allows Alex on the search. Hank’s readings (which turn out to be faulty) lead to Japan where they meet up with a girl who they think is working undercover to the Thespianos. Hank uses his usual charm with her which in turn winds up Alex further. Alex threatens to leave Hank as he seems only want to have flirtatious intercourse with the girl and not to do what Maria had asked. Hank uses emotional blackmail which in turn leads to Alex shooting Hank with a spittle gun which contains alien gases which paralyses Hank in the arm. The girl who turns out to be a friend of Maria’s lets her know subtly of the guys’s misgivings. Maria, disappointed by the lack of teamwork made by the boys especially by Alex for she respects his maturity, follows the location by the waves given by her futuristic communication device but unwittingly her presence is discovered by French speaking thespianos. The Thespianos throughout the world find out her true identity and ask/bribe the US President and British Prime Minster. As neither is willing to reveal to the general public and panic them, they decide to make her a listed terrorist. Meanwhile Alex has been sent to the hospital by the girl now known as Fing, to find an angry and annoyed Hank. Fing reveals to them the state of play of Maria and reassured them that she is bright and whatever happens to her she will be able to see them again. Hank buys this and makes the injury sound more serious than it actually is so he can avoid helping Maria which in turn would him stop getting caught by the police and makes out to Alex that Maria would be fine and so Alex would no longer be wanted to help Hank in Japan and soon both could escape and take a early holiday. Alex on the other hand is not convinced by this and requests Fing to tell him where Maria is currently hiding. After much dispute, Fing does give the current location but warns Alex that she might not be there. Alex responds and says that he would risk anything to be with her which was contrast to Hank who is seen getting out of his bed and changing the channel with the remote on the cupboard opposite. Fing admires his courage and lets him go without Hank realising. After seeing that Alex has set off with a trusted mate of hers, Fing confronts Hank of his “serious” injury and tells him of Alex’s absence. Hank has an angry rant and tells her that all three could have avoided the police if she had put Alex on a lead. She responds violently and tells him if he wishes to considered better by Maria that he better follow Alex. Reluctantly, he transports himself now remarkably better and finds Alex.  Alex furious at his sudden arrival comes with him as Hank has been given a more up to date location of Maria and a amulet for Alex by Fing with the inscription “hope this comes in use”. Currently in Peru, Alex and Hank trek up to Machu Picchu. Most of the trip in silence between them, until Hank asks why Maria does prefer him. Alex denies all knowledge and that she and him are only mates. Hank denies this as says that all that she speaks about is him and if he is going to mature that Alex has also to accept his feelings towards her. Alex agrees and both finally reach to a mutual understanding .This is short lived through once both have to settle for the night and when Alex wants Hank to collect firewood whilst he builds the shelter, Hank throws a sulk and lays on the ground sulking in his blanket like a baby. Alex, given up hope with Hank goes collects firewood. For a while, Hank continues to throw a strop until the night draws in and it gets cold and starts to rain. Hank decides to build the shelter and to Alex’s surprise he makes a shelter which is better than could have expected. Hank ruins this moment by saying that he was going to do it but Alex stopped him. Alex ignores this comment and shows the meat he collected during his encounter with the forest. Both enjoy a meal together for the first time and the meal is full of wind- ups and stick. They go to bed both smiling and Hank says good night to Alex (again a first). But Alex can’t sleep and worries frantically about Maria and his explanation he is going to have to give to his dad. Hours pass and suddenly a noise comes towards the shelter. Alex comes out of the shelter and sees a Thespiano at the meat. Alex runs in and tries to wake up Hank unsuccessful as he is fast asleep. The Thespiano spots Alex and Alex calls for and runs for Maria. Hank, now woken up goes out just about to have a go at Alex until he spots the Thespiano and starts chasing Alex crying like a baby. Both are seen by Maria and Fing who gets out an amulet and sucks the Thespiano’s soul out. Maria, not best pleased by the feeble attempts made by the boys has a go at them. Fing explains to Maria that neither was aware of the amulet’s power and so therefore both won’t to blame. Maria says that both had common sense and they should have tried harder. Alex responds to Maria with that she should have used common sense when she did not speak to him. Maria, unaware that it mattered to him that much goes and tells him that he should remember that she loves him.  Fing suggested subtly to Hank that both of them should leave. This message is not incepted by Hank so she pulls him screaming away. Alex and Maria embrace each other and Maria loses her composure for the first time and cries. Alex kisses her. Maria, shocked smiles back to him. Hank sees this and leaves thinking that all hope between him and her is thrashed and decides to give himself in to the British Government for helping a listed terrorist. Alex shouts back to him and thanks him but he has already left. Fing now revealed she is telepathic and a telekinetic, has read Hank’s mind and tells them with the plee. Alex, now stronger with Maria by his side decides to take leadership and to save Hank. Maria and Fing agree. Fing tells them the amulets together will teleport by their strength of love. Both hold each other arms with Fing and transport to London. They end up in Downing Street only to be chased by policemen recognising Maria. Fing says that both Alex and Maria need to be together to stop the Thespianos and Fing battles them but isn’t strong enough to combat them being thespianos and dies and her soul transforms into an eagle. Alex wishes to revenge her but Maria stops him. Both go into the Prime Minster office only to find a knocked out Prime Minster and the chief Thespiano is there with Hank, terrified. He discovers that his dad has been working for them as a spy for his eighteen years (hence why he let him go at the beginning at the book).Alex, furious and betrayed, wants to attack him but again is stopped by Maria. His dad is then knocked out and the chief thespiano starts to soul. Alex takes out his amulet but is taken as a joke by his chief thespiano. He continues suck his dad’s soul with his dad calling him. Alex ignores him and spots Maria by the window. Whilst Alex has been occupying the Thespiano’s attention, Maria has connected the amulet to the main computer in the office. Thespiano surprised by this gives stick to Maria. She flicks the switch and as a result 10 Downing Street collapses with the Thespiano and the Prime Minster (Alex, Maria and his dad escape with Hank fretting and blown away with it all but only just). The fellow thespianos retreat without their master. Maria tries to save his father but Alex is reluctant to save him. His dad comes back from the dead but Alex isn’t happy.
A week later, Alex has moved out of his dad’s house (dad not happy by this decision) to move with Hank because Maria has been promoted by the British Government. UK is panicked after the death of the Prime Minster and the revelations of the collision. Maria is now advisor to the acting Prime Minster and living in North East London. Alex and Hank are seen on a beach; Hank chatting up the local ladies and Alex makes Hank a body build out of sand. Hank is then met up with the local heartthrob who punches Hank into the sky. Alex laughs and reads the letter written by Maria who tells of the funeral of Fing from the news (obviously all three were banned from the funeral as all three had responsibility over her death) Maria tells that the last requests of Fing (as she expected she would die) were to firstly for Alex to look after Hank especially as he has been given money by her from the will hence the reason they were able to move so to avoid him wasting it and to tell Hank when he is mature enough that she fancied him. But the final request is Maria marrying Alex. She says now that is would be quite impossible but reassures Alex it would happen no matter what. Hank calls to Alex for having a swim to release his pan from the punch and prove he is the better swimmer. Alex smiles and both walk into the sunset. 

The End

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