Name: Elouise

Username: dumbledoreisgod (pretty self explanatory I suppose)

Age: 13

Gender: Female

How old were you when you started writing? When did you start?
I don't really remember any specific age, I just know I've enjoyed writing since I was little. I suppose it was around year 3? Maybe? Not too sure.

What was your first story, could we read it?
I think my first ever completed story, not including school work, was called Believe In Yourself. I actually wrote it here on Protagonize (on my first account), when I was 10, but it really is awful. Like, terrible. It makes me cringe when I think about it. It was based around a Taylor Swift music video... I do have the link, if you want to read it, but REMEMBER I was 10 when I wrote it?? Please?! TT^TT; http://www.protagonize.com/story/believe-in-yourself

What are you working on right now?
I'm starting up a collab with Probl3matique, hopefully quite soon. Apart from that, not working on anything really, I just post my little scraps of poetry and free verse that I write in my journal. 

Where do you get inspiration? 
Everywhere. Mostly, though, books I read. I've actually wrote quite a bit about inspiration on my profile, which you should check out ^^; /subtle hint fail

When is your favourite time to write?
Usually in the evening - I find that during the day, I get too easily distracted, and late at night (I normally stay awake til about 3/4am) it's too difficult to concentrate. 

Do you prefer collaborative works or Solo, do you like both?
I do like both. However, if it's writing an actual serious story, then I much prefer collaborative. It's just easier, and I love following up to chapters, and seeing what people have followed up to mine with. Also, I usually need a hand in plotting stories, as that's my weak point. So if it's a collab, we all plan together. Problem solved (/^_^)/

How did you find Protagonize, are you on any other popular writing sites (Booksie, smashwords, wattpad ect.)
I can't remember very well but I think it was through a Facebook ad that I found Protagonize, back in 2009. 
I'm on deviantART, and I post quite a bit of my poetry on there, and my art (obviously.) http://ellathepirate.deviantart.com

Anything else that you would like to share about yourself or your writing?
Not really! Apart from how lonely I feel on Protagonize at the moment u_u; I barely ever get any feedback and it sucks! I need some constructive criticism because lately I've been finding myself writing the same kind of stuff in the same kind of style, over and over and over again and it's beginning to bore me half to death :c I've posted in Shameless Self Promotion a few times, but nobody's ever replied to my topics. Maybe it's just a case of getting out there and writing a bit more, after all I am only a Rank 2 Gambler :3 
Anyway, feel free to drop by and leave me a comment, notify me on any collabs you need people for, I am always happy to help!



The End

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