Story of Me, Olivia

Name: Olivia

*Username: peace1089

Age: 16

*Gender: female

How old were you when you started writing? When did you start?
I started writing when I was thirteen. Well, really, I wrote my first story in fifth grade, but I never picked it up until a few years later. I started writing because I read what other people wrote and I was like, "Hey, I could try that too!" I liked it because I could determine everything about the story and the characters. Then, I began delving into poetry in ninth grade, after it was compulsory. I didn't like to rhyme at first, it never quite fit, but recently I've managed to rhyme without sacrificing rhythm.

What was your first story, could we read it?
My first story was a tragedy about a slave girl during the civil war. I was ten and the story lacked historical facts, but it was so emotional that it reduced everyone in the room to tears when my teacher asked me to read it aloud. Unfortunately, my house burnt down not long after so it burned with it. So no, you cannot read it.

What are you working on right now?
Right now, I am working on several different things. I have a nasty habit of never finishing stories. I have only finished one since I began writing. I write poetry whenever inspiration hits, but my two stories: Imaginary and Specialty, are sort of on my back burner. School is about to start again and my classes are not exactly "homework free."

Where do you get insp*i*ration? (sorry, typo was killing me ^^' )
I get my inspiration from many things. I get it from music, my own life, observing others, nature, school, makeup, pretty much anything that comes into contact with any of my five senses. My two current stories are both based on dreams that I had a few months ago.

When is your favourite time to write?
My favourite time to write during the summer is at night. Late night, when no one ese is awake, is the time that I can focus. During school, however, I can't stay up this late, so writing doesn't get done as much. Sometimes I'll squeeze it in if it is something good or something I really need to get down on paper before I forget it.

Do you prefer col*l*aborative works or Solo, do you like both? (ah! typo!)
Honestly, I prefer solo because I have full control over all of it. Also, I don't like working in groups period because I have to rely on someone else to get his/her part of the work done. With collabs, I feel pressured to get time and write. It feels like I HAVE to do it, so it doesn't flow well. Sometimes, I'd stay up nearly all night trying desperately to come up with something.

How did you find Protagonize, are you on any other popular writing sites (Booksie, smashwords, wattpad ect.)
I found Protagonize through a friend on deviantart. Deviantart is where I have most of my writing and all of my stories. I prefer the setup on DA, but I love Protagonize for ease of use.

Anything else that you would like to share about yourself or your writing?
Sure! I base a lot of what I write about on memories of mine or even the tiniest things- like a recent one-shot I wrote had my old avocado green, faux-leather couch from my childhood in it. I won't directly name a character one of my friends, but sometimes I can most certainly tell who helped form that character. My characters are a part of me, sometimes based off of something I wish I was more of, (ex: outgoing, better singer, brave, etc.) or something I am glad I am not, (ex: cowardly, a psychotic, obsessive female, fake, etc.) or even something I am. My characters are near and dear to my heart, but they are never Mary or Gary Stus. I might not even be friends with my characters if they were real! My characters are based on me and the people around me, but they also have their own faults, quirks, and things that make them unique, like everyone else. That's what gives my stories flavor. I flesh out my characters completely, but not all at once. You get to know them, like you would your best friend. Sometimes, you'll hate who they become, sometimes you'll love them, but that is what life is about. If you can make your characters come to life, you have your audience in the bag.

The End

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