Being Pepper

*Username: PepperSkye

Age: 16

*Gender: Female

How old were you when you started writing? When did you start?

I started writing before I could even put coherent sentences on a page. I think I was four or five.

What was your first story, could we read it?

It's entirely illegible, so no. It was meant to be about a horse, I think, and I remember something about shopping for hats. Complete with illustrations.

What are you working on right now?

I'm just now getting back into writing habitually, which I stopped doing a year or two ago for some odd reason. I think my muse went on vacation for a while. So I guess what I'm working on could be classified as a series of short works that I hope will keep the old cogs a churnin'. or. something like that. I also just started a weird little novel called "Chasing Dragons," which I may or may not finish.

Where do you get insparation?

Inspiration. I get it from things of nature, most often. Growing up in a place where I could run around the woods all day and had a breathtaking view of trees and fields even just from the kitchen window really wedged something deep inside of me. Something that yearns to be out there still. I think that wistfulness often bleeds out into my work.

When is your favourite time to write?

Nighttime. I can be completely at a loss for pretty words all day, but come midnight I have more ideas than I know what to do with.

Do you prefer colaborative works or Solo, do you like both?

I have yet to try collaborative, but I think solo is where it's at for me, at least right now. 

How did you find Protagonize, are you on any other popular writing sites (Booksie, smashwords, wattpad ect.)

I'm only on Protagonize right now. I joined because a close friend of mine is on here and I'd been reading her works for a while before deciding to try my hand.

Anything else that you would like to share about yourself or your writing?

Well. I hope to keep getting better all the time. 

The End

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