Name: Alex

*Username: Starwarsfreak117

Age: 18

*Gender: Male

How old were you when you started writing? When did you start?

Well I've always liked to write things. I've always had a knack for poetry and short stories because I usually finish them before my short attention span goes somewhere else. I started to seriously write at the age of 16. I found protagonize when I was 17 and have loved it so far!

What was your first story, could we read it?

My first story would be Walking in Someone Else's Shoes. It's not finished but yes you could read it. There is a link to it in my profile.

What are you working on right now?

I am working on two collaborations, both of which I believe might actually be finished publishable stories, and I am developing one story idea. Hero's of Teranore (yes it is grammatically incorrect, but the story "owner" hasn't changed it.) is the first story I ever worked on as a protager. It is a fantasy epic with some pretty interesting characters and I've found it very enjoyable to write. The other story is called Forgotten Attraction, which is the only love story I've ever been involved. I will warn you, it is depressing (against my own will, but I knew what I was signing up for so... you've been warned.) and things get crazy, but I hope it is a good read.The story idea is actually a friend's idea. I suppose what I'm doing is a form of ghostwriting. We've talked over the idea and I've added enough that I could claim it as partly mine I guess. I'm planning as much as I can to ensure that I stay with it long enough to get a full fledged story out of it instead of a drop off.

Where do you get inspiration?

Hmm... I find that the best Non-real stories are those that have some element of truth to them, so often times I find myself tying in elements of my own life and experiences... it makes it more real and allows the reader to connect easier. That's also why I enjoy First person point of view because it allows me to write almost as myself. The conversational aspect lets me mix my own over developed sense of sarcasm and what passes for a little bit of wit.

When is your favorite time to write?

My favorite time, is when I have time. My best friend envies me because I can just sit down and write on the fly, but I don't like to be rushed. If there is a time deadline, then my plot gets weird, and my plethora of grammatical errors gets much much bigger.

Do you prefer collaborative works or Solo, do you like both?

I guess I'd have to say both. When I'm working on a solo, I find myself longing for the creative input of others, but when I'm in the midst of a collab, sometimes I find myself wishing I could drive the plot more to my liking, or I find myself refreshing my notifications constantly to see if the next person has posted...  so I enjoy aspects of both.

How did you find Protagonize, are you on any other popular writing sites (Booksie, smashwords, wattpad ect.)

I find protagonize extremely enjoyable. There isn't much I would change about it, but if I had to comment on one thing it would creative criticism. That was one of te main things I was looking for when I joined this site, and I don't input and advice as much as I would like. I can't complain too much though because I know that I myself am often too busy to check the critique wanted section.... I am not involved in other writings sites because A: I wasn't aware that others were out there (by aware I mean I figured there were others but didn't know what they were.) and B: I can barely keep up with this one sometimes :)

Anything else that you would like to share about yourself or your writing?

There is too much I could share about both myself and my writing. I find myself giving up on projects because as stated above, I have a very short attention span, and if I'm not bugged by others in a collab to post then I often drop projects, much to my shame. I enjoy critique of my writing because when I envision things and then write them, they don't always come out the way I want them too. Sometimes I'm too subtle, or I take too big of a leap and people don't know where I've gone. Being able to spin off tales and write from my head is nice, but I lack the length of other authors... I don't develop certain things because I dislike books with too much detail and so I try to steer away from it and end up with too little....

Oh boy... I could keep going all day but I imagine if you're even still reading at this point, you don't want to read much more. Thanks for the attention, if I interest you, or you feel that perhaps I understand you, then post on my profile or whatever. I love to chat and I'm very social. Thanks!

The End

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